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  • Does A Red Frame have drinking water?
    Yes! We have installed a full home water filtration system that makes the water safe and drinkable from any tap. We believe in helping you and the enviroment so you do not need to bring plastic water bottles. See more about our property features: CLICK HERE
  • Is bedding provided?
    Comforters and pillows are included. Bed linens are not included unless you paid for them to be added through our added options. To learn more about what we recommend you bring, visit our page 'Things to Know Before You Go'.
  • Is there air conditioning?
    Yes. A Red Frame has a heat pump system installed which delivers both cold and hot air. One AC head on each floor controlled by separate thermostat. This ensures each floor has control for optimal comfort.
  • Is propane provided?
    Yes. We will provide propane for the outdoor BBQ.
  • What size of bed sheets & pillow cases do I need to bring?
    At A Red Frame we have 4 bedrooms. 3 of the bedrooms have Queen size beds and one of the loft bedrooms have 2 Double (full) beds, for a total of 5 beds. We also have a pull-out couch in the living room (Double/full size) and a few floor matresses (located in second floor bedroom closet) that are Single sized. All the pillows we have on the property are regular sized pillows.
  • Is firewood provided?
    During the colder seasons, wood is provided for indoor fireplace only. This is outlined in the Guest Agreement. Additional kindling and firewood is available for purchase - $10.00/bag.
  • What kitchen essentials are available?
    A Red Frame comes equipped with fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave, washer, dryer, coffee maker, toaster, dishes, glasses, cutlery, pots/pans, general kitchenware. The following supplies are also included: coffee filters, garbage bags, soap, dishwasher detergent, dishcloths, dish towels, and paper towels. Also supplied are tea, coffee, olive oil and a variety of spices.
  • Does the cottage have cell and internet service?
    Yes. The cottage has rural wifi with up-to 10mbps download and 1mbps upload speeds. We have also installed a cell phone booster for a better cell phone reception.
  • Can I stream Netflix?
    Currently our rural internet service is not best suited for online streaming. Due to this, we provide Satellite TV which has over 200+ channels for you to enjoy. We also have a DVD player, so you can bring your favourite DVD or select from our collection.
  • How do I log into the app?
    When you receive your booking e-mail confirmation, you will receive a Booking Reference (6-digit code) and a Booking ID. You will need to have your Booking Reference number to log into the app or you can scan the QR code that's in the e-mails to your phone.
  • Why is the pre check-in form asking for my I.D.?
    Only the main Booker needs to provide their I.D., not every guest. This I.D. can either be a passport or drivers license.
  • How do I download the app?
    To download the Lodgify App that we use, select one of the following links; For iPhones; Click HERE For Andoids; Click HERE
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    90% of paid prepayments refundable when cancelled 31 days before arrival or earlier 0% refundable if cancelled after To learn more about our policies & house rules, check out the page 'Things to Know Before You Go'.
  • Can we check-in early or check-out late?
    Provided that there is availability, you can enjoy extra time at A Red Frame for $250 for either early check-in or late check-out. This adds an extra 5hrs to your stay. If purchased, your new check-in time would be 11:00am or your late check-out time would be 4:00pm.
  • Where is the boat launch?
    There is a nice boat launch just North of us along the other side of the river - Boat Launch, Kawartha Lakes, ON K0M 1N0. It's located just off of Concession Rd 3 where Riverbank Rd and Cedarplank Rd intersect it. A lot of people use this spot to launch thier boats. There is also a boat launch in Fenelon Falls - Water St, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0. Lastly, there is the Fenelon Falls Marina - 301 County Road 8, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0. Here you can rent a boat or PWC -
  • How can we pay?
    You can pay either by e-transfer, credit card, or through a 3rd party app.
  • How does the fire ban affect my stay at A Red Frame?
    Local fire bans need to be respected as per law. Visit the link below for updates; Kawartha Lakes Fire Bans
  • What is the Guest Agreement?
    The Guest Agreement outlines everything that is available and ensures the guest and host are on the same page. The Guest Agreement must be completed and signed before the booking can be fully booked.
  • How many pets can I bring?
    At A Red Frame we are pet friendly, however we do have some rules to go along with this. As per our Guest Agreement, we allow 2 pets per stay that are to be listed on the agreement.
  • Where can we buy firewood?
    We are pleased to now offer firewood for sale in addition to the firewood provided each stay as per the agreement. This will be available for $10/bag. We will also have kindling available for purchase for $10/bag. This is not initially provided with each stay. Additionally, you can buy firewood and kindling at either the Home Hardware or Canadian Tire in Fenelon Falls.
  • How far away is town?
    Fenelon Falls is 10 minutes away from A Red Frame. There you will find many shops, restaurants, along with the grocery and pharmacy stores.
  • What is the check-out time?
  • What is the pricing?
    Please visit our 'Rates' page to learn more about our rates. For the most accurate rates for the days you wish to book, please click on either "Available Dates" on the 'Rates' page or click on the "Check Availability" button on the bottom of each page.
  • How many people are allowed per stay?
    A Red Frame allows 10 people per stay. As per the Guest Agreement, all guests will need to be listed in the agreement.
  • How does the garbage disposal work?
    The Kawartha Lakes Township is very strict about recycling and garbage. Please be respectful and follow their guidelines so that everything will get disposed of properly. If not done properly, they will not take the garbage or recycling and you may be charged an additional cleaning fee for us to personally remove the garbage. When you arrive at A Red Frame, there will be signs to help you sort through everything. The basics of it are; ▪️ Place all garbage in the clear garbage bags provided, tying them when done. ▪️ Tissues (Kleenex), paper towels, toilet paper, diapers, snack food bags/wrappers and food waste should be disposed as waste. ▪️ Place all mixed plastics, glass, and aluminum cans in the properly labelled bin. Using the can crushers (located on front porch and on the outside of the Muskoka room) to crush all cans. ▪️ Place all paper recycling in the properly labelled bin. If not sorted properly the Kawartha Lakes Township will refuse to take the unsorted bins/bags. We charge $50 for every bag/bin that the township does not take. Additionally, you may take your garbage/recyclables home with you if you do not sort them properly. This also includes any garbage in black bags vs clear garbage bags.
  • Where can we rent a boat?
    You can rent a boat at the Fenelon Falls Marina - 301 County Road 8, Fenelon Falls, ON K0M 1N0. Here you can rent a boat or PWC -
  • What is the check-in time?

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